For the Novice and Advanced Researcher


"I've been working on my research, now I'm stuck!"

"I've tried everywhere and everything I can think of to find that Bower, Bowers, Bauer line, but they're hiding and I can't dig them out."

"I sure wish someone out there would answer my questions and give me some ideas or another way to approach this..."

"What AM I missing????"

Do the questions above reflect you? If so, then this is the page for you.

Hopefully, one or more of the pages listed below will get you back on the road to research.

If you have additional questions regarding advanced research that perhaps I haven't addressed here, please feel free to email me. I'm not in a position to do research for anyone as my time is very limited, so please don't ask. However, I will answer your procedural questions. . .

This section is for those cousins who have learned the fundamentals of genealogical research. If you have not learned the basics, please go to the beginners section.




25 tips to a happier, healthier research



The 1752 Calendar Change



Legal Terms



Regarding the censuses




Census Records: U.S. Population Census Data



Census Records -- do's and don'ts



The Soundex System



Census Record Clues



State Census Schedules



Agricultural Schedules



Major Epidemics



Archaic names for diseases



Colonial Occupation Titles



The Veritable Brick Wall [with keys to help knock it down!]


If I have failed to include a topic that you have questions about with regard to beginning genealogical research, please feel free to contact me.