The balcony overlooked the lake and was my favorite spot of the entire cottage. From there I could view the whole lake, see everything and watch what everyone else was doing. Even better, I was taller than all the adults when I was up there - provided nobody else was on the balcony with me, that is. The balcony was especially handy to sneak out on whenever my mom sent me to my room because of one thing or another!

Since the balcony gave me such great views and helped me while the time away when I needed it, this is the perfect area of the cottage to put all the helps - those for beginners and novices alike - and perhaps a tip or two for you experienced researchers. Also added for your convenience are search engines slanted toward genealogy only.

 If you're one of our newest Bower/Bauer/Baur, etc. researchers, then you are very important to us! You need to know how to get started, where to get more information, and pitfalls to avoid in their research. You'll find it here. But, whether you're a newbie, novice, or experienced researcher, the balcony just might hold something to help you a little further along the avenue of search.

Genealogy, addicting as the devil, can make a researcher a rather dull person to be around! Let's face it folks ~~ if your friends or relatives aren't into this science while you're completely immersed, do you really believe they care about the six hours you spent studying those barely legible census microfilms? Well, the balcony's going to change that! Since your mind can't ever seem to break away from the subject (I know mine doesn't), included here is some thought-provoking ancestral poetry along with some not-so-ancestral, but still thought-provoking puzzlers in the games chest. One will stir your soul, the others just play with your mind!


For the Beginning Researcher


For Novice and Advanced Researchers




Search engines


Genealogical gems (thought-provoking poetry)


Games chest