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We're always looking for our inline cousins. Are you looking for us? If so, please consider joining at least one of our groups in online discussion of our families.

Please allow me tell you a little about us. We research over eighty [80+] surnames that are variant spellings of two root surnames -- Bower and Bauer. Although we are four different research groups, we function as a single family. The Bower Family Homestead and this, the Bower Cottage, are our homesites.

Within each group you have the opportunity to subscribe in the regular mode where you will receive each individual message as it comes out. Or, you can elect to subscribe to the digest which is a compilation of all the messages in a 12-hour period or when the message load reaches 20,000 bytes - whichever comes first.

Click on the link below in the group and mode you wish to subscribe. Type only the word "subscribe" (without the quotation marks) as the subject and in the body of the mail. Do not include any other words. Do not include signature lines.

The BOWER research group is the largest of the four and has over 300 cousins from all four surname groups. It also has our largest group of international cousins. The BAUER, BAUR and BOWERS groups research only the surnames of their given list names, while the BOWER group researches all four surnames plus 80 variants.


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The BAUER research group is the second of our root surnames. This group averages about 60 cousins.


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The BOWERS group is growing rapidly. It has nearly 90 cousins at the present time.


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Our newest group is the BAUR and is currently the smallest team with fewer than ten cousins. Promotional initiatives to enlarge the group will begin near the end of summer.


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