The cottage stored a hodgepodge of belongings, brought from home by Grandma. Where the mismatched furniture came from I really don't know. I suppose it was collected from years and years of marriage. The furniture in the four bedrooms must have originally been their children's when they still lived at home. Mismatched dishes and silverware graced the table, while Grandma cooked from an assortment of old pots and pans. Hence, you now know the basic premise of this site. It is our "get-away" from home and you're liable to find almost anything here.

Our home?. . .why, the Bower Family Homestead! This cottage happens to be the sister site. If you've not visited the Homestead yet, you'll most assuredly want to stop in for a visit, particularly if you have Bower, Bauer, Baur or any one of the 80+ variants of those surnames in your family lines.

Now that you're here, perhaps you'd like a lemonade or iced tea to quench your thirst?... Why not sit here for a spell and allow yourself to "escape" for a few moments as you view the cottage with its furnishings -- each item surely having its own story.

I warn you though, this site may look like something from a tropical paradise ~~ but Grandma and Grandpa most definitely did not have my computer clipart to work with. I have taken extreme creative liberties here while still using my memories. A cottage on the lake they had, but a tropical beach house it wasn't.

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flower button Great Room - Vital records certificates online -- birth, marriage, death, baptismal -- of Bower, Bauer, Baur, etc. ancestors.

flower button Kitchen - Our GEDCOM project - small now, but watch it grow! Would you like to add yours?

flower button Balcony - Just getting started? Need ideas to keep going? Stop in here! You'll find all sorts of goodies...

flower button Lanai - Need someone to do a lookup on a CD or in a book? Stop out here. Volunteers from the Bower[s] and Bauer Research Groups are waiting to help you out!

flower button Beach - The beach is open only during special occasions. [We don't want any of our children out there when the adults are inside, so we keep the beach closed.] Any family romps or picnics will be held out here. We also hold our annual Bower Family Reunion on the beach every August 5th. You won't want to miss this!

flower button The Lake - Some of our ancestors were mariners; what better place to put them! If you know your ancestors had anything to do with ships - the Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, or even working on ocean liners or fishing trawlers, this is where you'll find them. Military however, will also be in the military section at the Bower Family Homestead.

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