Fried chicken, spare ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob... yum! I can still smell the fabulous aromas exuding from the cooking that was always going on in the cottage's kitchen. How Grandma cooked on that wood-burning stove without scorching everything was beyond me! ...And, believe it or not, food actually stayed cold in the ice box!




I always wondered where the wood-burning stove and the icebox came from and can only presume today that it was from the farm they used to own. The surprising thing is the cottage had electricity, yet Grandma kept the old stove and icebox. So, we will too. Grandma was a fabulous cook! She knew that stove and its heating temperament - a major reason she probably elected to keep it.

Our Bower, Bowers, Bauer and Baur research groups' families are going to congregate here in the kitchen for our GEDCOM project. You're invited to submit your family lines here as well. If interested, please read these guidelines PRIOR to submitting your works.

The majority of surnames you should expect to find in this project (dependent on the number of researchers participating here) can be found on our page of variant spellings.

No living individuals should appear in this database. However, if you do find any please let me know immediately.


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