You've arrived at one of the most special places on the Web ~ home site of the B Consortium genealogy research groups. We cordially invite you to join us as we celebrate the lives of our ancestors.  If your forefather's surname was even remotely close to one of the eighty variations of the Bower or Bauer surnames, we probably have material inside our home for you.

Even if your genealogy does not have one of our related surnames, we'd still be honored by your company. It would please us immensely to have you take a look at our home. Perhaps you'll find you're part of our online family after all ... and wouldn't that be a nice surprise?

Mini-memories of the Bower Homestead are recreated for you from the home of Frank and Lenah Bower, formerly of Lincoln Park, Michigan. Their home wasn't a fancy one, nor was it large. However, it was a home filled with the love, warmth and good feeling that only familial awareness can bring. I hope my memories will help stir yours in memory of your own beloved grandparents.



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